Growing your money
took wisdom.
Your stewardship
can be wise, too.


The Baptist church has always been fortunate to have faithful members who believe in the mission of the church and in helping others. Fulfilling its mission, the foundation has always supported these members and encouraged their stewardship. Many have been fortunate in life, and turned to us to put their accumulated resources to good work.

Not just giving, but growing the assets you give, too.

We provide donors with charitable estate planned gift options to benefit the charity or charities you are passionate about supporting not only in life but at death and possibly perpetually. We encourage you to consult with an estate planning attorney before drafting documents.

With careful planning, your estate will be shared not only with family and friends, but also with organizations and charities who will continue to use your assets in a way that reflects your character and faith.

Many assets keep your ministry moving. Here are some you should consider.

Whether your assets include stocks and bonds, real estate, retirement assets or cash, we can assist you as you develop your estate plan and establish a true Christian legacy.

Call on us to help you meet your goals with insightful, prudent planned giving.