Securing your ministry’s future.
With wise financial management.


Building the framework to move your church’s mission forward takes knowledge and experience. The complexities of investment are beyond even the most well-meaning congregations, so the Virginia Baptist Foundation can assist with that burden through its investment advisor, Vanguard.

Managing for consistency and low risk, so your mission is protected.

Consulting with Vanguard – one of the country’s leading investment advisors – we manage diversified investment portfolios currently in excess of $120 million. And our objective is to deliver strong growth, minimized risk and the funding to support all your church’s long-term mission and ministry goals.

Leading you through the options. Our experts would be happy to provide more detail on …

Investment Portfolios

Are you looking for the greatest risk, but the greatest gain? The foundation’s equity portfolio is right for you. It consists of diversified equities seeking to provide long term growth of capital. This portfolio includes a broad range of securities and sector exposures. Consistent global market capitalization, nearly half of the portfolio is invested in international stocks. Even though this portfolio is diversified, it is still subject to a relatively high level of risk because it is comprised 100 percent of equity securities.

Is a balanced approached better for you? Then, your ministry may opt for the balanced portfolio. Consisting of multiple asset classes, the balanced portfolio seeks to provide steady growth. Approximately 40 percent of the assets are invested in high-quality fixed income with the remaining 60 percent invested in a diversified portfolio of equity securities. It’s also broadly diversified within each asset class.With the balanced approach, stock market fluctuations have the largest impact on performance.

The foundation’s fixed income portfolio seeks to provide income through diversified, high quality fixed income investments and a small allocation of international fixed income. This portfolio strives to maintain a high level of credit quality and includes securities issued by the U.S. government, its agencies, foreign governments and high quality corporate bonds. This type of portfolio has experienced less volatility than an equity portfolio historically, but could still experience wide fluctuations in value.

Cash Management

We also support funding for your short-term missions with two choices. The first is a money market option with a minimum deposit of only $10,000. Your church may also be interested in certificates of deposit, starting at a minimum of $100,000.

“Our objective is to deliver strong growth, minimized risk and the funding to support all your church’s long-term mission and ministry goals”

For complete information and details such as asset allocation, returns, rates and fees, simply email us.