Building your legacy.
providing scholarships
for those with dreams.


We support and encourage future Baptist leaders each year with our scholarship ministry. In 2019, we awarded 107 deserving Virginia students with over $180,000 in one-year scholarships. And with your support, we can continue this important ministry with funds for colleges, graduate schools and seminaries here and across the country.

Funding a scholarship can forward your stewardship legacy. Or make a simple contribution today.

By clicking on the Make a Contribution Today button below, you can make a contribution to our fund right now. But by consulting with our knowledgeable staff, you can learn how to create an endowed scholarship to carry this tradition into the future. We can also explain how to have a scholarship reflect your personal wishes by restricting them to certain fields of study or institutions. We’d be happy to explain further. Click here for a brief FAQ list.

To see a list of existing permanent endowments that are a part of the VBF Scholarship Fund, click here. What a blessing that so many families, churches and organizations have established endowed scholarship funds to support students in Virginia.

“Through the generosity of our donors, we awarded 107 deserving Virginia students with over $180,000 in one-year scholarships in 2019.”

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