Focused on sound management.
So you can focus on your mission.


You have enough things to do with the busy, vibrant life of your church. Managing special funds can be an added burden that requires oversight and expertise – and puts a strain on your congregation. The Virginia Baptist Foundation can help.

Start and grow specialized church funds

Our experienced team not only can assist you in setting up the specialized funds you want, but also can help you promote them for future success. We’ll show you how to unlock the generosity that lives within your membership.

Provide sound management and financial expertise

The foundation employs Vanguard as our investment advisor. Our professional team provides comprehensive regular reporting of your investment returns and safekeeping of your historical information.

Connect you to a strong network of resources to guide and provide oversight

With accounts across the Commonwealth, we’ve gained expertise that we can share with you to establish, develop and promote the special funds that maintain these important ministries.

We can help — whether it’s establishing and managing an endowment fund, training your leaders on fundraising, or promoting stewardship to your members for the long-term health of your church.

Helping congregations manage dedicated church funds, including:

  • Building or facilities funds
  • Cemetery funds
  • Endowment funds
  • Memorial funds
  • Scholarship funds

Contact us and see how our support can help your mission flourish.

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